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18 September 1829 – Twenty-third Entry

from the journal of William Campbell of Lexington, Virginia…with the slave Archer Alexander… writes… Entered Bourbon County. A fine rich county with elegant brick houses. Went through Millersburg, a small town with four churches and Paris the County town. In and about Paris are… Continue Reading “18 September 1829 – Twenty-third Entry”

March 30, 1863

Originally posted on Dorris Keeven Franke:
I thought I was familiar with the story of Archer Alexander, the slave that portrays the gratitude the African Americans felt for President Abraham Lincoln. On the Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C. erected in 1876,…

Looking for descendants

In 1829, a small group of four families, Campbell, McCluer, Wilson and Alexander, all wealthy and well educated . planters from Virginia, came with their enslaved, about two dozen of them. They settled in “Dardenne” along the Booneslick Road, south of the Zumwalt place,… Continue Reading “Looking for descendants”

St. Louis

When Lincoln, a personal friend to Eliot, was assassinated, the formerly enslaved wanted a monument to Lincoln, and St. Louis’ former slave, Archer Alexander would be the one, to represent them, rising up and as Eliot says “breaking his own chains”.

Turbulent Times of Reconstruction

The funding drive for the Emancipation Memorial began, according to much-publicized newspaper accounts from the era, with $5 given by former slave Charlotte Scott of Virginia, for the purpose of creating a memorial honoring Lincoln.  The monument features Abraham Lincoln with Archer Alexander rising… Continue Reading “Turbulent Times of Reconstruction”

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