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20th September 1829 – Twenty-fifth Entry

The sharing of this journal shares the story of twenty five enslaved people owned by the Alexander, McCluer and Wilson families on their way to Missouri…While the enslaved people handled the children, cooked the evening meal, set up the tents, gathered water at the river and fed the livestock, William Campbell entered the day’s activities into his journal…

19 September 1829 – Twenty-fourth Entry

Entered Lexington, KY, a large town with many fine brick houses, but it has the appearance to be declining. No new buildings are going up. It has got its growth. Took road to Frankfort. Staid that night at William McCluer’s 7 miles from Lexington.

17 September 1829 – Twenty-second Entry

from the journal of William Campbell as they journey from Virginia, through Kentucky, to Missouri, with Archer Alexander…Traveled 17 miles. Passed over Fleming River into Nicholas County. County and roads rough. Crossed Licking River. Passed through the county town of Nickolas County, a handsome town with a fine courthouse..

16 September 1829 – Twenty-first Entry

of the journal of William Campbell, leading four families and their enslaved people from Rockbridge County, Virginia to St. Charles County, Missouri… Rain. Fleming County is richer than those we had before passed through; some good houses.

14 September 1829 – Nineteenth Entry

William Campbell was a young attorney, in search of a place to set up a law practice in the future. The weather has become rainy, and the terrain is very rough, with only small settlements. Determined to see the Courthouse in every County Seat along the way, he has moved on to Clarksburg, Kentucky…

13 September 1829 – Eighteenth Entry

from the journal of William Campbell of Lexington, Virginia…with a slave named Archer… It being Sunday we laid by to rest man and horses, Rain in the morning. Crossed the river in a skiff and took a walk in the great free State of Ohio. Campbell has halted the caravan in the small town of Vanceburg, Kentucy as it is the County Seat of Lewis County. Its raining and the group needs rest, Campbell wants to attend church.
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