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21 September 1829 – Twenty-sixth Entry

This is the journey of Archer, the enslaved property of James Alexander of Lexington, Virginia. Alexander is a member of a caravan of families moving to St. Charles County in Missouri being led by his cousin William Campbell, a young attorney hoping to set up a law practice there. If we listen closely to Campbell’s words, we might hear the voices of the enslaved… after all this is their story too.

13 September 1829 – Eighteenth Entry

from the journal of William Campbell of Lexington, Virginia…with a slave named Archer… It being Sunday we laid by to rest man and horses, Rain in the morning. Crossed the river in a skiff and took a walk in the great free State of Ohio. Campbell has halted the caravan in the small town of Vanceburg, Kentucy as it is the County Seat of Lewis County. Its raining and the group needs rest, Campbell wants to attend church.
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